Yoga Pilates Circle Wheel

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 Want To Improve Your Balance, Posture & Precision? Here’s The Must-Have Yoga Accessory!

Yoga Wheel Stretcher Massage Roller Ring design helps open up the back, chest, and hips to release tight muscles and improve flexibility. Helps perform challenging backbend & balance moves. Take your practice to the next level! 
  • Pain Relief: The massager roller helps to release pain in the muscles, plantar fasciitis, and Increased blood circulation.
  • Durable material: Made from durable material with an ergonomically contorted roller for complete contact with the sole of the foot.
  • lightweight: The massager is lightweight and portable fits in your bag for easy transport.
  • Uses: Can also be used on other muscles, such as forearms, wrists, tense, calves, shoulders, and more.

  • Improves muscle recovery for beginners or elite athletes whether you train in the gym, hotel, park, or at your home gym.
  • This massage foot roller helps to relieve pain in the arch of the foot, the heel spurs reliever, and tired feet. Not limited to the feet, this roller is also suitable for use on forearms, wrists, tenses, calves, shoulders, and more.

  • Made from high-quality PU and the material, non-toxic skin-friendly with an ergonomically contoured roller for complete contact with the sole of the foot. 

Easily Portable:

Small size, portable and lightweight, fits easily in your travel bag. 

The package includes:

1x Yoga Wheel 

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